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Do you have a story, are you creative, are you a publisher, are you a life experienced person that want to share experience to save others?

Then this is the right place for you to be.

At Relationship Ego you are free to post as many post as you can without paying for the chance to do so.

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All you need to do is compose your post and send it to and your post will be publish before 24 hours.

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Use our 24hours WhatsApp response number: +234-9038-416-331
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  1. If you are in Nigeria any unique post submitted get you an Airtime credit in any network of your choice.
  2. Your contact information credited as provided if permission is granted thereby getting you more popular.
  3. You become an affiliate member of relationshipego
  4. You can advertise any service or product free of charge 
Types of Post that are accepted:
we accept all kinds of post related to:
Love, Romance, Marriage experience, Fashion, Lifestyle, Friendship as listed already on our tab.


Nudes, Pornography, sexual abusive words, adults content both in words or graphics are highly rejected.


You must be 18+
You must not copy any post from internet
You must write every post on your own
Images may be exceptional
Post must be confirm before payment
You must be humble
Ability to read and write
Good and expressive, clear Language all in English

Terms and conditions:

Please before submitting any post don't forget to read our terms and conditions as they will help you know our privacy policy at relationship ego platform.

Read carefully our disclaimer page for relevant articles and observe every set of rules at relationship ego platform


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